Coal Coke (Railcraft)

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This page is about the Coal Coke added by Railcraft. For other uses, see Coal Coke.
Coal Coke


Coal Coke is a fuel source introduced by Railcraft. It's created in a Coke Oven, and burns twice as long as Coal in furnaces and most other applications.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Liquid Creosote Oil.png
Liquid Creosote Oil.png
GUI tank 96 94.png
18011520 secs

Usage[edit | edit source]

Coal Coke can be used as a higher efficiency fuel source. One stack of Coal Coke will convert 32 Iron Ingots into 32 Steel Ingots in the Blast Furnace, whereas a stack of Charcoal will only convert 16 Iron into Steel.

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