Combustion Generator (Ender IO)

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This page is about the Combustion Generator added by Ender IO. For other uses, see Combustion Generator.
Combustion Generator

ModEnder IO
Tooltip textBurns liquid fuels to generate power
RF storage100,000 RF

The Combustion Generator is a machine added by Ender IO. It is used to generate Redstone Flux (RF) by burning Liquid fuels. It also requires a coolant (e.g. Water)

Right-clicking on the Combustion Generator will open its GUI - there is one slot intended for Liquid fuels, and another one for the coolant. It can hold 1000mb of both the Liquid fuels and the coolant.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Fuel types[edit | edit source]

Fuel Fuel Usage (mb/t) Burn Time (t/mb) Power Output (RF/t) Power Output (RF/mb)
Rocket Fuel 0.142 7 160 1120
Hootch 0.166 6 60 360
Fire Water 0.06 15 80 1200