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There are several ways of contacting and interacting with the community of FTB. The main, and probably simplest way is by creating an account on the FTB Forums.

You can also use the official Teamspeak and IRC to contact people, interact with the community and get support.

Help desk[edit | edit source]

You can get technical support and find commonly encountered problems on the FTB help desk:

Teamspeak[edit | edit source]

Please don't ask the wiki team for tech support, but contacting us regarding issues with the wiki are always welcome.

Server IP:
Server Password: mcepoch1

IRC[edit | edit source]

You can access the IRC without setting up any kind of software by using the web client located here.

However, if you would like to use a different client, or the above link is not working, you can connect directly with the server information is below.

Server IP:
Channel Name: #FTB

There is also a wiki specific IRC channel here. You can connect directly using this link. Feel free to come there for help with editing, helping others or to talk about anything to do with wiki stuff!

Server IP:
Channel Name: #FTB-Wiki

Please note: The IRC server is not hosted by FTB, and is subject to the rules. We are not responsible for your breaking of these rules.

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