Compact Machine (machine blocks)

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Compact Machine
(machine blocks)

ModCompact Machines

The Compact Machine blocks added by Compact Machines provide rooms in a separate dimension (144 by default) that are accessible for automation and entry from any side of the block once placed. Using a multiblock, triggered crafting system provided by the Miniaturization Field Projector, each Compact Machine block provides a room with a cubic interior ranging in size from 3 to 13 blocks in each direction, in increments of 2. The Personal Shrinking Device may be used to enter and exit the room after the machine is placed.

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Tiny Compact Machine 33

Small Compact Machine 53

Normal Compact Machine 73

Large Compact Machine 93

Giant Compact Machine 113

Maximum Compact Machine 133

"Compact Machines"

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