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Compact Machines includes several commands in the mod that serve as utilities to help construct recipes or recover lost machine contents. The current version includes the following:

/compactmachines3 machines view Opens a GUI to inspect all existing machines in the world.
/compactmachines3 machines give Number Gives a machine linked to that machine id Number (Number). Warning! Will unlink a currently placed machine if it already exists in the world.
/compactmachines3 schema save Name Saves a local copy of the contents of the current machine called Name (String). Must be inside the machine.
/compactmachines3 schema load Name Loads a previously saved local copy of the contents of a machine called Name (String) into the current machine. Only works if the dimensions of the machine match the original saved information. Must be inside the machine.
/compactmachines3 schema set Name Similar to the schema load subcommand, but works when looking at the target machine from outside.
/compactmachines3 schema reload-files Reloads stored information from files on disk and the mod's JAR file.
/compactmachines3 recipe unpack-defaults Creates local copies of recipe JSON files from the mod's JAR file. Adding optional force argument overwrites existing files.
/compactmachines3 recipe copy-shape When looking at a Miniaturization Field Projector, copies the shape and associated block data to the clipboard. Useful for building recipes in-game to save in a recipe file later.
/compactmachines3 recipe copy-item Copies the item stack currently held in main hand to the clipboard. Useful for adding a catalyst item to a recipe file.
/compactmachines3 recipe generate Name Builds the recipe matching the recipe name Name (String) in-world. Warning! Will replace and remove blocks in the affected area.

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