Constant: Wrapper

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Constant: Wrapper

GroupFlow Control
Return typeNumber Constant
ConstantNumber Constant
Technical details
Registry nameconstantWrapper

Constant: Wrapper is a Number Constant Spell Piece added by Psi. It is used to allow a Trick Spell Piece to operate on a variable while using a constant as the value to calculate Psi cost (in other words, the maximum the variable can be). Mathematically, it can be expressed as:

\text{Magnitude} = \left\{\begin{matrix}x, \text{if}\ x<C
C, \text{if} x \geq C

where x is any number, and C is the assigned constant.

It is unlocked in the lesson "Flow Control."

Parameters[edit | edit source]

  • Target: Requires a number. When using this Spell Piece this is commonly a variable.
  • Constant: Requires a number constant. It essentially sets the Psi cost of the spell and the maximum of the Target parameter.


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