Control Seal: Butcher (Thaumcraft 5)

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This page is about the Control Seal: Butcher added by Thaumcraft 5. For other uses, see Control Seal: Butcher.
Control Seal: Butcher

ModThaumcraft 5

The Control Seal: Butcher is a Control Seal added by Thaumcraft 5. It allows Golems to kill adult animals. They will only target animals when there is at least one breeding pair remaining.

Required Traits[edit | edit source]

Recipe[edit | edit source]



Instability: Negligible

Thaumonomicon entry[edit | edit source]

While Guard seals can be used to kill animals, they are not very selective.
The butcher seals works much like a Guard seal, except it only targets adult animals. Furthermore it will always make sure that at least a breeding pair of animals remain alive.