Coralium Plague

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Coralium Plague
Coralium Plague.png

The Coralium Plague is a status effect added by AbyssalCraft. It can be applied with the Coralium Plague Infection ritual, the Coralium enchantment, with Potions of Coralium Plague or spread by the Plague itself.

Entities affected with the Coralium Plague take 2 (Heart.svg) damage every 2 seconds, doubling in frequency for every additional level, and have a 50% chance of transmitting the Plague to any entity they damage. On top of that, if the affected entity is not standing in a Purged biome then the Plague will occasionally spread to other entities in a 2 block radius.

Entities that die while affected by the Coralium Plague will leave a lingering cloud of the Coralium Plague. Unless they were standing in a Purged biome, killed Squids will come back to life as Coralium Infested Squids, Zombies have a 1/8 chance (50% on hard difficulty) to come back as Abyssal Zombies, or as Depths Ghouls with a 1/10 chance in Hardcore mode, and players have a 1/8 chance (50% on hard difficulty) to come back as Abyssal Zombies.

Potions of Coralium Plague can be brewed by adding either Coralium plagued Flesh or Coralium plagued flesh on a bone to an Awkward Potion. This will apply Coralium Plague for 3 minutes and can be lengthened to 8 minutes by adding Redstone.