Corporea Crystal Cube

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Corporea Crystal Cube

TypeTile entity
Blast resistance27.5

The Corporea Crystal Cube is a block added by Botania. It can be used to display an amount of an item and to request it from the network.

Crystal Cube showing stored Cobblestone amount.

Right-clicking with an item will set the crystal cube to display that item's amounts.

Left-clicking the cube will request 1 item from the connected network, dropping it on top of the cube. Shift left-clicking will request a stack.

A Redstone Comparator attached to this block will emit a redstone signal equal to \lfloor \log _2 (\text{number of items}) + 1 \rfloor , rounded down to the nearest integer. For example, 1 item will give a signal strength of 1, 2 items will give a strength of 2, 4 items will give a strength of 3, and so forth. If the number of items is 0, it will return 0.

Recipe[edit | edit source]