Corporea Index

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Corporea Index

TypeTile entity
Blast resistance27.5
Technical details
Registry namebotania:corporeaindex

The Corporea Index is a block added by Botania. It intercepts nearby players' chat messages to request items out of a Corporea network.

When a player in a 2.5 block radius around the Index sends a chat message, the Index will prevent sending of that message and instead request an item matching the message out of the network connected with the Corporea Spark on top, dropping it on the top of the index.

The rules to determine the requested item name are as follows:

  • Item name: 1 of the item with the requested name, eg. "iron ingot" requests an Iron Ingot.
  • Simple plural form of the item name (with -s, -es, -ies): 1 of the item, eg. "peonys", "peonyes" or "peonies" requests one Peony.
  • "this": requests the item held in the player's main hand.
  • Appending or prepending ..., ~, ? or +: any item containing the requested string, eg. "?ingot" or "ingot..." will match any ingots.

Rules to determine the requested amount:

  • "amount (of) item": the requested amount of the item, eg. "10 apples" or "10 of apple" will request 10 Apples.
  • "(a) stack (of) item": 64 of the item.
  • "amount stack(s) (of) item": multiple stacks of the item.
  • "(a) stack and number (of) item", "amount stack(s) (of) item"
  • "half/quarter (of) (a) stack (of) item": 32/16 of the item.
  • "all/every (of) item": requests as much as possible.
  • "count/show/display/tell item": 0 (only displays the stored amount).
  • "(a) dozen (of) item", "amount dozen(s) (of) item": multiples of 12.
  • "(the) answer to life(,) the universe and everything (of) name": 42 of the item.

Recipe[edit | edit source]