Corporea Spark

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Corporea Spark


The Corporea Spark is an item and an entity added by Botania. It is the basic component of a Corporea system, and can be placed on any inventory or Corporea blocks. When the spark is placed or polled, it will poll sparks within a 15×15×15 area centered on the spark, adding them together to form a network if a Master Corporea Spark is present.

To place a Spark, right-click on a block. If right-click already has an action, shift right-click instead.

When placed on an inventory, it will provide access to its contents to the Corporea network.

When placed on a Corporea block, it will allow it to pull from the network's contents.

Corporea Sparks can be colored by right-clicking them with a dye. Only sparks of the same color can connect. Freshly placed sparks are white.

Phantom Ink can be used on the sparks to make them more translucent. This does not consume the Ink.

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