Creative Key Stone

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Creative Key Stone

ModDraconic Evolution
TypeSolid block

The Creative Key Stones are 4 blocks added by Draconic Evolution that are meant for adventure maps. They are not obtainable in Survival without cheats. They are activated by using a bound Key on them, and emit a redstone signal when activated. There are two different ways they activate, with each way having an option to consume the key, this is why there are 4 stones.

The two different ways a keystone can be activated is either Button activation or Toggle activation. The Permanent activation keystone falls under the toggle category. The button activation key stones emit a short redstone pulse each time they're activated with a key that's bound to them. The toggle activation key stones act like a lever, switching states every time they are activated with a key that's bound to them. If they are the "Consume Key" variants, then they delete the key used to activate them unless it's a Creative Master Key.