Creatures of the Night

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Creatures of the Night
Witchery Information

Observations of an Immortal
It is with some reluctance I commit these observations to paper, for what I have witnessed is not for the weak of mind. Instead, take my words as a warning...
...he was reminiscing over dinner this evening about his "birth", a demonic pact of sorts...
...butchering a chicken over a skull with a boline and holding a glass goblet to collect the blood is barbaric," I told him...
...apparently start of a long forgotten rite (I made a sketch...
...night, open to the moon, string, red dust, torches and skull...
...pouring the blood onto the skull...
...mumbling about taking her to the lakes of lava... ...underworld...
...proving his worth to Her...
...that glass goblet again, could someone really drink such a thing? ...
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The Creatures of the Night is a ritual from the Witchery mod. This ritual is performed in order to begin the steps to become a vampire. It requires:

It must be done over an open sky during nighttime.

This ritual is described in abstract but precise detail in the Observations of an Immortal book's initial pages.

Four torches must be placed in a square, each five blocks apart from each other. Then, in these five blocks, string must be placed. The string should go around the torches inwardly to touch. These string blocks cannot overlap each other. The inner 9 blocks should be occupied by 8 redstone dust exactly surrounding a skull.

Once the ritual is physically formed, the player must lure a chicken to the top of the skull. They must kill the chicken with a Boline while they have an empty Glass Goblet in their hotbar. This will fill the Glass Goblet with Chicken's Blood. The goblet should then be used on the front face of the skull, which will summon Elle.

Elle will follow the player infinitely, until she makes the transformation to Lilith. This can be done by luring her into the Nether, and then sending her off into a large lava lake. Eventually, when in a lava lake, she will swim out farther into the lake, and explode into Lilith. Lilith then must be defeated.

Once Lilith is defeated, she will shrink and come towards the player. She will ask the player if they desire magic, or if the player has anything to be enchanted. Either way, in order to properly complete the ritual, an empty Glass Goblet* must be given to her via the use key. Giving other tools to her may have other effects, such as giving them random valid enchantments.

* If the player is performing this ritual to become a level 7 Vampire, they must give her a Poppy instead of a Glass Goblet to complete the ritual.

When the ritual is completed successfully and properly, the player will become a level 1 (or level 7) Vampire.

The structure required for the ritual. Hardened Clay blocks are not required and are only used to make the string visible.