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Crimson Rites (Thaumcraft 6)

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This page is about the Crimson Rites added by Thaumcraft 6. For other uses, see Crimson Rites.
Crimson Rites

ModThaumcraft 6
TC6 Aspects




The Crimson Rites are an item added by Thaumcraft 6. When used, they will add 50-100% observation progress and 33-50% theory progress in Golemancy, as well as 50-100% observation progress and 33-50% observation progress in a random category, but can be only used if the user has at least combined 20 normal and permanent Warp. In addition, they add 5 temporary and 1 normal Warp to the user, and have a 50% chance to add 1 permanent Warp as well. They can be also used in theorycrafting for 15-20 Eldritch and 10-15 Auromancy progress. They are also required to unlock the Eldritch tab in the Thaumonomicon.

Crimson Rites are rarely dropped by Crimson Knights, Crimson Clerics, and other cultist entities when killed by a player. The drop chance is affected by the player's progress.

  • If the player does not already have a Crimson Rites in their inventory, and the player has scanned a Cultist (Crimson Knight, Cleric, or Praetor) with a Thaumometer, the drop chance is 25%.
  • If the player does not have a Crimson Rites and has not scanned a Cultist, the drop chance is 5%.
  • If the player already has a Crimson Rites in their inventory, the drop chance is 2%.