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This page is about the Crops added by GregTech 4. For other uses, see Crops.

GregTech 4 adds multiple Crops to the IC2 crop breeding system.

List of crops[edit | edit source]

Crops with no seed can only be produced through crossbreeding. Crops which list the same special drop multiple times have a higher chance of dropping that special drop.

Crops added by GregTech 4
Name Discovered by Seed Primary drop Special drops Tier Attributes Growth Stages
Indigo Eloraam

2 Flower, Color, Ingredient

Flax Eloraam
2 Silk, Vine, Addictive

Oilberries Spacetoad
9 Fire, Dark, Reed, Rotten, Coal, Oil

Bobsyeruncleranks GenerikB

11 Shiny, Vine, Emerald, Berylium, Crystal

Diareed Direwolf20

12 Fire, Shiny, Reed, Coal, Diamond, Crystal

Withereed CovertJaguar

8 Fire, Undead, Reed, Coal, Rotten, Wither

Blazereed Mr. Brain

6 Fire, Blaze, Reed, Sulfur

Eggplant Link

6 Chicken, Egg, Edible, Feather, Flower, Addictive

Corium Gregorius Techneticies
6 Cow, Silk, Vine

Corpseplant Mr. Kenny

5 Toxic, Undead, Vine, Edible, Rotten

Creeperweed General Spaz
7 Creeper, Vine, Explosive, Fire, Sulfur, Saltpeter, Coal

Enderbloom RichardG

10 Ender, Flower, Shiny

Meatrose VintageBeef

7 Edible, Flower, Cow, Fish, Chicken, Pig

Milkwart Mr. Brain

6 Edible, Milk, Cow

Slimeplant Neowulf
6 Slime, Bouncy, Sticky, Bush

Spidernip Mr. Kenny

4 Toxic, Silk, Spider, Flower, Ingredient, Addictive

Tearstalks Neowulf
8 Healing, Nether, Ingredient, Reed, Ghast

Tine Gregorius Techneticies
5 Shiny, Metal, Pine, Tin, Bush

Coppon Mr. Brain
6 Shiny, Metal, Cotton, Copper, Bush

Brown Mushrooms Mr. Brain

1 Edible, Mushroom, Ingredient

Red Mushrooms Mr. Kenny

1 Toxic, Mushroom, Ingredient

Argentia Eloraam
7 Shiny, Metal, Silver, Reed

Plumbilia KingLemming
6 Heavy, Metal, Lead, Reed