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This page is about Useful Crops' Crops. For other Crops, see Crops.

Useful Crops adds multiple Crops to the IC2 Crop Breeding system.

List of crops[edit | edit source]

Crops added by Useful Crops
Name Discovered by Seed Drops Tier Attributes Special requirements Growth Stages
Cyprium estebes
6 Leaves, Metal, Orange[1][2] (PRE 0.3) Only matures if there is a Copper Ore or Block of Copper below it

Plumbiscus estebes
8 Leaves, Metal, Common[1] (PRE 0.3) Only matures if there is a Lead Ore or Block of Lead below it

Stagnium estebes
6 Leaves, Metal, Shiny[1][2] (PRE 0.3) Only matures if there is a Tin Ore or Block of Tin below it

Shining estebes
8 Leaves, Metal, Precious

Shiliuhuang estebes
6 Leaves, Smell, Yellow

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Was "Leaves, Metal" in version 0.1/0.2.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Was "Leaves, Metal, Common" in version 0.3.