Crucible (Factory Tech)

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This page is about the Crucible added by Factory Tech. For other uses, see Crucible.

ModFactory Tech
Blast resistance12

The Crucible is a machine added by Factory Tech. The Crucible uses heat to melt solids into liquids. It can turn Netherrack into Lava, Glowstone Dust into Liquefied Glowstone and Ice into Water. Fluids can be extracted with the Extraction Pump or other modded fluid transfer pipes.

Liquefied Glowstone is required for the production of Energite.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Maintenance Requirements[edit | edit source]

The following parts are required for ongoing maintenance:

Part Variants Guaranteed uses Chance of breaking Cumulative break
chance increase
Salvage chance
Heating Element

6 10% 15% 56%
Mixing Blade
16 15% 15% 0%