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Crucible Furnace

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Crucible Furnace

TypeSolid block

The Crucible Furnace is a functional block added by Mariculture. It is an extensively used machine from the mod, used to melt down items and blocks by using Heat. It provides a semi-early game method of doubling ore output.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Construction[edit | edit source]

The Crucible Furnace must be made into a Multiblock to function. The Crucible Furnace is made like so by stacking 2 blocks above each other:

The complete Multiblock will look like this:

Crucible Furnace.png

Usage[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of the main uses for the Crucible Furnace:

  • Melt metals and their respective tools, dusts, blocks, etc. into their molten liquid counterparts (Supports most modded metals).
  • Turn Fish into Fish Oil.
  • Turn Fish Bait into Fish Food.
  • Melt Sand into Molten Glass.

Input and Output[edit | edit source]

The Crucible furnace can work with modded pipes and conduits to automatically input and output items. It is also commonly used in combination with the Block Caster, Ingot Caster, and Nugget Caster through Ladles to turn the outputted molten metals into blocks, ingots, and nuggets respectively.

Heat[edit | edit source]

To function, the Crucible Furnace requires a source of Heat beneath it, inside its inventory, or both. The mod has added tooltips to certain items that display their respective melting points. This can be used as a reference for the amount of heat (or degrees Celsius) that item will need to melt in the Crucible Furnace.

The most common method of heating up a Crucible Furnace is by using Lava. This is done by placing a Fluid Tank beneath the lower block of the Crucible Furnace, and then filling it up with Lava, which can be done by right-clicking with Buckets. The Crucible will then begin to slowly rise in temperature. Note that Lava will only heat the Crucible Furnace up to 1500 °C.

To heat the Crucible Furnace to a higher temperature, solid fuels must be used in the fuel slot inside the GUI. Take Coal for example, which has a max temperature of 2000 °C (which is also the maximum temperature for the block). Different fuels will also last longer when burning. Both these values will display in the tooltips of valid fuel items.

GUI[edit | edit source]

GUI Crucible Furnace.png

1: The 2 input slots for items and blocks that will bet melted.
2: The fuel slot.
3: The Heat bar, which always displays the current temperature Celsius.
4: The fluid output tank. The Crucible Furnace can hold up to 25000mB (25 buckets) of liquid in this tank.
5: The secondary output slot.
6: The two slots for outputting liquids manually. For example, if the tank has enough liquid, placing an Empty Bottle in the top slot will output a filled bottle in the bottom slot. Leaving the top slot empty. Note that it won't work with Buckets.

Extra slots[edit | edit source]

The GUI also has some extra slots on the right. The 3 blue slots are used for upgrades, for example the Basic Heating Upgrade. The slot with a Redstone Torch lets you configure how the block will work with Redstone signals. The bottom-most slot, with a red cross by default, is used to configure auto-eject. It is set to default as disabled.

Auto-Eject can be used to make the Crucible Furnace automatically output items into inventories nearby. This can be configured to auto-eject nothing, just items, just fluids, or both items and fluids.