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Crystallizer Villager

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Crystallizer Villager
Engineer Villager Actually Additions.png
ModActually Additions
TypeFriendly monster

The Crystallizer Villager is a Villager added by Actually Additions, which spawns in an Engineer's House. It looks identical to the Engineer Villager.

Trades[edit | edit source]

Trade Offer

1-2 Emeralds

2-8 Void Crystals

1-3 Emeralds

2-6 Enori Crystals

1-3 Emeralds

1-4 Restonia Crystals

10-16 Void Crystals

1 Emeralds

2-3 Emeralds

2-4 Emeradic Crystals

1-3 Emeralds

2-6 Palis Crystals

8-12 Enori Crystals

1 Emerald

8-16 Restonia Crystals

1-2 Emeralds

2-4 Emeralds

2-3 Diamatine Crystals

6-10 Palis Crystals

1 Emerald

6-10 Diamatine Crystals

1 Emerald

6-12 Emeradic Crystals

1-2 Emeralds

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