Curse of Blight

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Curse of Blight

The Curse of Blight is a curse added by Witchery. The Curse will kill all nearby animals and plants, and decay the earth into patches of Sand. Villagers will become ill with zombie-related illnesses, and players will become nauseous. A Voodoo Protection Poppet held by a nearby player will stop the curse. This can be prevented by the caster possessing a Cat Familiar, in which the victim must have two undamaged poppets to stop the curse.

Recipe[edit | edit source]




Curse of Blight

Makes nearby land infertile and causes sickness.

> Attuned Stone (Charged)
> Redstone Soup
> Reek of Misfortune
> Fermented Spider Eye
> Glistering Melon
> Rotten Flesh
> Diamond

Altar power 0