Curse of Breaking (EvilCraft)

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Curse of Breaking

Tooltip textYour tools break faster
This page is about the enchantment added by EvilCraft. For other uses, see Curse of Breaking.

Curse of Breaking is an enchantment added by EvilCraft. It is randomly applied to items the Blood Chest repairs, up to level III.

Attacking a mob or breaking a block with a tool/weapon enchanted with Curse of Breaking has a chance of consuming 2 extra durability. The chance is given by the following formula:


  • p is the probability of consuming extra durability (0 for 0%, 1 for 100%)
  • level is the level of Curse of Breaking on the item
Level I II III
Chance to consume extra durability 20% 26.7% 30%
Average durability multiplier 71.4% 65.2% 62.5%

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