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Curse of Hell on Earth

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Curse of Hell on Earth

The Curse of Hell on Earth is a curse added by Witchery. The Curse will open a portal to the Nether and will spawn one of its creatures every few seconds. If the caster has a Cat Familiar, it will also spawn a wave of fire when it is performed. This can be disabled in the Witchery configuration file.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

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7x7, 11x11, 15x15
Curse of Hell on Earth

Only works in the Overworld at night, requires 200 power/s.

> Redstone Soup
> Demon Heart
> Waystone
> Nether Star
> Villager
> Bound Waystone (optional)

Altar power 5000

It must be performed in the Overworld at nighttime.