Curse of Overheating

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Curse of Overheating

The Curse of Overheating is a curse added by Witchery. The Curse will cause a bound player or creature to catch fire when in a hot biome. A Voodoo Protection Poppet held by a nearby player will stop the curse. This can be prevented by the caster possessing a Cat Familiar, in which the victim must have two undamaged poppets to stop the curse. Once performed, the curse can only be removed by performing a Rite of Remove Curse. Each time a Rite of Remove Curse fails, the curse will get stronger.

Recipe[edit | edit source]




Curse of Overheating

Curse the taglocked being to overheat.

> Taglock Kit (bound to target)
> Exhale of the Horned One
> Demonic Blood
> Brew of the Grotesque
> Blaze Rod

Altar power 2000

It can only be performed during a thunderstorm.