Cursed Earth (Extra Utilities 2)

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This page is about Cursed Earth from Extra Utilities 2. For other uses, see Cursed Earth.
Cursed Earth

ModExtra Utilities 2
TypeSolid block

Cursed Earth is a block added by Extra Utilities 2. Cursed Earth bears a strong taint of evil and hostile mobs will spawn on Cursed Earth much more rapidly than normal. Further, hostile mobs that spawn on Cursed Earth move extremely quickly. Cursed Earth is easily recognized by its color, texture and the fact that a large number of hostile mobs are trying to kill you.

It is created by right-clicking a Drop of Evil on Dirt. Cursed Earth can be collected with Silk Touch shovel, but only the first dirt block the Drop of Evil was used on will drop.

Extreme caution is advised when creating Cursed Earth for a mob spawner. When the drop is placed, the taint of evil spreads to surrounding Dirt blocks at an alarming rate, covering a large (approximately 10x10) area within a few seconds. After the initial spread, Cursed Earth will spread to adjacent Dirt blocks in a manner similar to, but slower than, the spread of Grass. Cursed Earth seems to be completely unaffected by sunlight.

Testing suggests that Cursed Earth will not spread across a 1-block wide gap of stone. It will spread up and downhill.

The spread of Cursed Earth from a single Drop of Evil.
Testing the spread of Cursed Earth

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