Cyberware Engineering Table

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Cyberware Engineering Table

Tooltip textUsed to dismantle and create Cyberware
The Cyberware Engineering Table's GUI
1: Dismantle input
2: Paper input
3: Component slots
4: Blueprint slot
5: Output

The Cyberware Engineering Table is a machine added by Cyberware. It is used to dismantle some items into their components, and to reassemble them into new ones following a Blueprint.

Putting a deconstructible item (such as a piece of cyberware) in the Dismantle input slot and pressing the Void Warranty button will destroy it and give some of its components back in the Component slots. If Paper (or equivalent) was in the appropriate slot, then there is a 15% chance that 1 Paper will be consumed and a Blueprint of the destroyed item will be created and put in the Component slots.

Putting a Blueprint in the appropriate slot along with the required components in the Component slots causes the item the Blueprint is associated with to appear in the Output slot. Taking this item will consume the required components, similarly to a Crafting Table. Cyberware created this way is of Manufactured quality, which has a lower Tolerance cost than Salvaged ones.

The Engineering Table's GUI also allows access to a Blueprint Archive placed in 5x4x5 area around it, as well as a Component Box either in the player's inventory or in that same area.

Recipe[edit | edit source]