Cyberware Scanner

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Cyberware Scanner

Tooltip textAnalyzes Cyberware to create Blueprints
Blast resistance30

The Cyberware Scanner is a machine added by Cyberware. It is used to create Blueprints out of cyberware without destroying it.

When a piece of cyberware or any deconstructable item is inserted into it alongside Paper (or equivalent), it will start scanning. Scanning takes 20 minutes and, if successful, consumes 1 Paper to create a Blueprint of the scanned item.

The chance to success for stackable items (such as most cyberware) is 10% per item in the stack, capping at 50%. For damageable items (such as the Trenchcoat) it goes from 50% to 0% depending on how damaged it is, with damaged items having a lower chance.