The Dagger of Sacrifice is a weapon added by Blood Magic. It is used to sacrifice creatures for Life Essence. The amount varies per creature, and can be further increased through the use of Runes of Sacrifice.

Dagger of Sacrifice

ModBlood Magic
Tooltip textCaution: may cause a bad day...


The Dagger of Sacrifice can be created by placing an Iron Sword into a tier 2 Blood Altar with 3,000 LP.

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The Dagger of Sacrifice can be created by placing an Arthana into a tier 2 Blood Altar with 2500 LP.


The Dagger of Sacrifice must be used within about three blocks of the Blood Altar. When used on a valid target, the target will instantly be killed and its Life Essence will be drained into the altar. Creatures that are considered children cannot be sacrificed. The amount of essence varies per creature:

  • Animals (Cows, sheep, etc.) = 250 LP
  • Hostile Mobs (Creepers, Zombies, etc.) = 500 LP
  • Villagers = 2,000 LP

Do note, however, that the Dagger only acts as a weapon when in range of the altar. Otherwise, it will be no more effective in killing mobs, and their Life Essence will not be transferred to an altar.