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Current developersTheRealp455w0rd
Supported Minecraft versions1.12.2
Depends onp455w0rd's Library

/dank/null is a mod created by TheRealp455w0rd as a spiritual successor to the /dev/null added by OpenBlocks and is also the name of the eponymous item.

Shift right-clicking with the /dank/null in hand will open its GUI. Inserting items into it will automatically store any further copies of items into the /dank/null when picked up, and void any excess once a slot is full. Higher tiers can hold more stacks per slot.

Additionally, alt left-clicking a block in the GUI (or mouse-wheel when in the player's hand) and then right-clicking with the /dank/null will place blocks from its inventory. A docking station can be built to automatically drain blocks. Control left-clicking will protect slots from being affected.

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