Dark Helm

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Dark Helm

ModEnder IO
Armor rating2 (Armor.svg)
Armor toughness1

The Dark Helm is a Helmet added by Ender IO.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

To upgrade the Dark Helm just add the Upgrade Item to the Helm in an anvil and you will get the upgrade.

Upgrade Requirement Upgrade Item Description
Empowered I none Vibrant Crystal Gives 100k battery, half durability drained as power.
Empowered II Empowered I Basic Capacitor Upgrades battery to 150k
Empowered III Empowered II Double-Layer Capacitor Upgrades battery to 250k
Empowered IV Empowered III Octadic Capacitor Upgrades battery to 1,000k
Sound Locator Empowered I Note Block Displays location of nearby sounds.
Night Vision Empowered I Potion of Night Vision Gives nightvision
Solar I Empowered I Photovoltaic Cell (Ender IO) Charges armor while under sun light. Max. rate 40 RF/t at noon.
Solar II Solar I Advanced Photovoltaic Cell Charge armor