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Dark Matter Furnace

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This page is about the Dark Matter Furnace added by ProjectE. For the Dark Matter Furnace added by Equivalent Exchange 2, see DM Furnace.
Dark Matter Furnace

EMC value4,456,456 EMC

The Dark Matter Furnace is a machine added by ProjectE, based off the DM Furnace added by Equivalent Exchange 2.

The Dark Matter Furnace is a Furnace that can be powered using EMC energy from adjacent machines in addition to solid fuels. It operates very quickly, smelting two items per second. It has two 8-slot inventories for input and output, a slot for fuel input and two buffer slots.

GUI of the Dark Matter Furnace. Items to be smelted and fuel are placed on the left.

It is also used as a crafting component in the creation of the Red Matter Furnace.

The mod official documentation states that it doubles output however in testing, the bonus appears variable. Tests with eleven stacks of Iron Ore and eleven pieces of Alchemical Coal. The outputs varied from 96-106 Iron Ingots per ore stack. Overall the average was 98 ingots per stack of ore, about a 65% bonus.

Recipe[edit | edit source]


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