Dark Steel Grinding Ball

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Dark Steel Grinding Ball

ModEnder IO
Tooltip textSAG Mill Grinding Ball
Main Output 135%
Bonus Output 200%
Power Use 70%

The Dark Steel Grinding Ball (previously known as Dark Steel Ball) is an item added by Ender IO. Its sole purpose is being a Grinding Ball for use in the SAG Mill.

Its stats are:

  • Main Output 135% (= 35% chance to double all outputs, including bonus outputs)
  • Bonus Output 200% (doubles bonus output chances)
  • Power Use 70% (= 30% faster processing speed)

Before Grinding Balls were made a major feature of the SAG Mill in Minecraft version 1.12, Flint and the Dark Steel Ball were the only available SAG Mill Grinding Balls. The Dark Steel Ball recipe was considerably more expensive, yielding only 5 items instead of 24.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Old Recipe (before 1.12)[edit | edit source]

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