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TypeSolid block
Mining level1

Darkstone is a block added by AbyssalCraft. It generates under the Darklands biome.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Darkstone can be found below the grass and dirt layer of the Darklands biome. The mountains of the Darklands Mountains biome are also nearly completely made of Darkstone.

Darkstone can be smelted using Darkstone Cobblestone as the ingredient, and it can also be transmuted using vanilla Minecraft Stone in a Transmutator.

Darkstone drops Darkstone Cobblestone unless the pickaxe used to mine it is enchanted with Silk Touch, in which case it will drop itself.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Darkstone can be used for various purposes.

Darkstone can be used for a crafting ingredient for Darkstone Bricks, Darkstone Pressure Plate, Darkstone Button and Darkstone Slab. Darkstone tools can also be crafted using Darkstone and are the AbyssalCraft equivalent of vanilla Minecraft stone tools.

Darkstone can also be a strong building material.

History[edit | edit source]

Version history
1.0.0Introduced Darkstone.
1.0.2Fixed a bug about smelting Darkstone Cobblestone into Darkstone.
1.0.3Introduced Darkstone tools.
1.3.0Minecraft 1.5.2 versionAdded Darkstone slab, Darkstone pressure plate and Dardstone button.
1.5.0GammaDarkstone now generates in caves beneath the Darklands.
1.5.0DeltaMade Darkstone texture brighter.
1.5.0Updated texture for Darkstone and all Darkstone-related blocks.
1.7.8The mountains in the Darklands Mountains is now nearly completely made of Darkstone.
1.9.0BetaRemoved an achievement for mining Darkstone.
1.9.3pre-1Darkstone now generates a little less in the Overworld.

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