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Modicon DecoCraft.png
Current developersRazzleberryFox
Supported Minecraft versions1.12.2
Discord serverLink
IRC channel#MobiusStrip,#Razzconnect
Infinity 1.7

DecoCraft is a mod created by RazzleberryFox, with help from ProfMobius. This mod adds new unique and complicated sets of modeled blocks for decoration. The blocks added by this mod have very highly detailed models and textures. Some of these blocks, or props as RazzleberryFox states, are moveable. This mod's intention is entirely decorative.

When placing any block from the mod, the player will see a "ghost block" outlining exactly where every piece of the block will be placed. This outline also tells the player if they can place the block in the location they are pointing or not. If the outline is red, the block cannot be placed there, and if it is white the opposite is true. When a block is placed in a location that intersects with another block, even slightly, as most DecoCraft blocks can take up slightly more than exactly a block's space, it will state in chat You can't place that there. Something is in the way.

Before making Decocraft items, a Decobench is required. This provides an interface for building Decocraft items such as furnishings. Building directions for the bench can be found on the page. All subsequent recipes are built there.

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