Defiled biome

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Defiled biome
ModDefiled Lands

Defiled biomes are a special type of biomes added by Defiled Lands. They appear in the Overworld and have several unique features such as unique mobs, blocks, ores and plants.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

While there are several different defiled biomes, there are some common characteristics among them :

  • The sky will appear purple
  • All terrain blocks are replaced (when applicable) by their defiled version when first generated
  • Defiling blocks will actively defile nearby blocks (within a two block radius) when inside of a defiled biome
  • Vanilla mobs, such as Zombies or Pigs, as well as most modded mobs, cannot spawn in them
  • Unique monsters, such as Scuttlers, will spawn in them
  • Unique plants, such as Blastems, will spawn instead of vanilla plants
  • Conjuring Altars will spawn on the surface
  • Defiled dungeons, made Defiled Stone Bricks with different loot and a Monster Spawner, may spawn

List of defiled biomes[edit | edit source]

Currently, all biomes added by Defiled Lands are defiled biomes, which consists of the following :

Gallery[edit | edit source]