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Demonic Bee

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Demonic Bee
Latin Name Diapis draco Description
Discovered by Sengir Born in the fires of the nether
and being a descendant of generations
of nether bees has caused this species
to turn into a true demon.
Added by Mod Forestry
Branch Infernal Branch
isNocturnal No
Product Specialty

Glowstone Dust
Base Chance: 15%

Simmering Comb
Base Chance: 45%

Default Attributes[edit | edit source]

Speed Slower Cave Dwelling No
Lifespan Longer Nocturnal Yes
Fertility 2 Drones Rain Tolerant No
Pollination Normal Temperature Hellish
Territory 9x6x9 Temp. Tolerance -2
Flowers Nether Humidity Arid
Effect Flammable Humid. Tolerance None

Mutations[edit | edit source]

Mutates from Mutates to
Parent 1 Parent 2 Result Chance

Sinister Bee

Fiendish Bee

Demonic Bee
Parent 1 Parent 2 Result Chance

Demonic Bee

Spiteful Bee

Withering Bee

Demonic Bee

Vis Bee

Flux Bee

Demonic Bee

Monastic Bee

Vindictive Bee

Demonic Bee

Vindictive Bee

Vengeful Bee

Special Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Can only be bred in the Nether.
  • The Withering Bee can only be bred in the Nether.
  • The Flux Bee can only be bred in proximity (50m) to a Dark Node.