Demonic Contract

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Demonic Contract


The Demonic Contract is an item from the Witchery mod. This item is used throughout Imp Magic, and the taming of a Flame Imp.

To tame a Flame Imp, the player must combine a Demonic Contract with a Taglock Kit containing their own taglocks in a crafting grid. Then, the Flame Imp can be given the contract using the use key. If the user has enough experience levels, the imp will be tamed and named.

To perform Imp Magic, the Demonic Contract must first be combined with the according crafting components, in a crafting grid. Then, it must be combined in the crafting grid with the taglocks of the victim. Giving the tamed Flame Imp the contract that was made following the previous steps will make it perform imp magic.

Recipe[edit | edit source]