Dimensional Doors

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Dimensional Doors
Modicon dimdoors.png
Current developersRobijnvogel
Past developersstevenrs11
Latest version3.0.0 Beta 4
Latest Minecraft version1.12.2
FTB Unhinged

Dimensional Doors is a mod originally created by stevenrs11 and SenseiKiwi and continued by Robijnvogel, Runemoro, Waterpicker, and ZombieHDGaming. It adds doors that will naturally spawn in the world, called Rift Gateways, which lead to extremely long dungeons with traps and other tricks. Other doors can be used to transport instantly between two locations, and even dimensions. Dimensions can even be created for simple isolation from the overworld. This mod is currently only in the FTB Unhinged modpack.

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