Dimensional Transceiver

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Dimensional Transceiver
Dimensional Transceiver.png

ModEnder IO
Tooltip textTransports items, fluids, and power wirelessly across any distance and between dimensions
Max RF input20,480 RF/t
RF storage500,000 RF

The Dimensional Transceiver is a block added by Ender IO. It is used to transport items, liquids, Minecarts and Redstone Flux (RF) wirelessly.

Two Dimensional Transceivers are required in order to function; one to send, and one to receive. Inside the GUI, a "channel" can be made by choosing a name and picking a privacy mode ("Public Channel" means anyone can use it, while "Private Channel" means only the original placer of the block can use it). The Dimensional Transceiver can be set to send or receive from each channel in the GUI.

The main GUI

The Dimensional Transceiver can only transfer up to 20,480 µI/t, and it has a default power loss of 10% (configurable in enderiomachines.cfg). Also, every Dimensional Transceiver placed in the world as a block will lose its buffered power gradually, at a rate of ± 1000 µI per second. It will lose its power regardless of the power loss in the config file.

The Dimensional Transceiver has a filter for the sending and receiving of items, if configured. Items can be whitelisted or blacklisted, based on Metadata, Ore Dictionary name, NBT Data and "Fuzzy Mode" (durability).