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Disc Rack

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Disk Rack

TypeSolid block

The Disc Rack is a storage block added by BiblioCraft. It is able to hold music discs.

Up to 9 discs can be placed in the Disc Rack. It can be interacted with in different ways:

  • Right-clicking on an empty slot with a disc in hand to places the disc in that slot.
  • Right-clicking the Disc Rack without a disc in hand on a full disk rack, to will open its GUI.
  • Shift right-clicking a disc in the rack with an empty hand will remove that disc.

The Disc Rack's permitted-contents are adjustable via Bibliocraft's config file.

A Disc Rack can be rotated on the wall by right-clicking with a Screw Gun. Shift right-clicking will rotate the disc rack on the floor and ceiling.

Recipe[edit | edit source]