Distillation Tower (Immersive Petroleum)

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A Distillation Tower in action
This page is about the Distillation Tower added by Immersive Petroleum. For other uses, see Distillation Tower.
Distillation Tower

ModImmersive Petroleum
TypeMultiblock structure
RF use~683 RF/t
RF storage16,000 RF

The Distillation Tower is a large 4x16x4 multi-block added by Immersive Petroleum used to process fluids into other fluids. It is primarily used to convert Crude Oil into usable Diesel and Gasoline fuels and Lubricant, creating Bitumen as a byproduct.

Construction[edit | edit source]

The Distillation Tower requires:

Usage[edit | edit source]

The port on the back of the Distillation Tower is used to input Crude Oil. Redstone Flux (RF) is inputted from the top of the furnace located on the back of the multiblock. Bitumen is output through the port on the front of the machine, and Diesel on the bottom side. The multiblock's processes can be halted via Redstone through the control panel with the red dot.

Every operation, the Distillation Tower uses 2048 RF to process 75 mB of Crude Oil into 27 mB of Diesel, 39 mB of Gasoline, and 9 mB of Lubricant, each operation takes 3 ticks (drawing roughly 683 RF/t with continuous use). There is a 7% chance each operation for a piece of Bitumen to be produced and output. A single Distillation Tower can process a bucket of Crude Oil into byproducts in 2 seconds, producing an average of 2.8 Bitumen per bucket.