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Tento článek je o the Distillery added by GregTech 5. Pro jiné významy, navštivte Distillery.

MódGregTech 5
TypTile entita
PopisekExtracting the most relevant Parts of Fluids

The Distillery from GregTech 5 is a machine used to convert some fluids into others. Because the Distillery cannot use fluid cells, the fluid to convert must be pumped directly into the machine via pipes or other fluid-producing machines, such as the Brewery or the Fluid Canner. In most cases, the amount of fluid produced is less than the amount used.

Most fluids that can be processed in a Distillery have multiple possible products. To select which one the Distillery will produce, an Integrated Circuit must be inserted. It will not be consumed. In GregTech 5 Unofficial, the expensive Distillation Tower may be used instead to obtain all possible products at the same time.


Stejně jako všechny ostatní stroje v módu GregTech 5, i Distillery má pět variant v závislosti na úrovni napětí, od Low po Insane.

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