Dooglamoo Jr. Archaeology

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Dooglamoo Jr. Archaeology
Modicon Dooglamoo Archaeology.png
Current developersDooglamoo
Latest version2.2.0
Latest Minecraft version1.12.2

Dooglamoo Jr. Archaeology is a mod by Dooglamoo based around alternative ways to get Nether and creature materials. Its intent is not to be true to the study of archaeology, rather it is meant for peaceful players and animal-friendly players to obtain the needed materials for various aspects of modded Minecraft. It adds tools which can be used to find rare artifacts in rock. These artifacts can be used to create various materials.

As of Infinity 1.7 version 1.2.0, this mod is not included in any FTB modpacks. Prior to that version, it was included in Infinity.

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