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Drama in a Bottle

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Drama in a Bottle

Required modulesmisc.drama
Pre-0.4.0: Drama (!)

The Drama in a Bottle is an item added by Charset. Each Drama in a Bottle has a rumor in it, and the rumor can revealed in the chat by right-clicking it. Each rumor is from the Minecraft Drama Generator.

The Drama in a Bottle was made in order to win a bet, according to the mod author asie[1].

Example rumors[edit | edit source]

GregoriusT came out against imbalance, Beam rages
Drama in a Bottle
BlayTheNinth reminds you that Spigot is not on ForgeCraft
Drama in a Bottle
After a huge amounts of requests, Mindcrack removes Opis
Drama in a Bottle

Recipe[edit | edit source]

The Drama in a Bottle is made in a Brewing Stand with an Awkward Potion and Pink Dye.

References[edit | edit source]


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