Dread Plague

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Dread Plague
Dread Plague.png

The Dread Plague is a status effect added by AbyssalCraft. It can be applied, among others, with the Dread Plague Infection ritual, the Dread enchantment, with Potions of Dread Plague or spread by the Plague itself.

Entities affected with the Dread Plague take 1 (Half Heart.svg) damage every 1.25 seconds, doubling in frequency for every additional level, and have a 50% chance of transmitting the Plague to any entity they damage. Players will also have their hunger quickly drained. If the affected entity is not standing in a Purged biome then the Plague will frequently spread to other entities in a 3 block radius.

With Dread Plague II or higher, every 5 seconds the block affected entity is standing in will be turned into a Dreadlands biome. This effect does not happen in Purged biomes, in biomes already from The Dreadlands, in Omothol and in The Dark Realm.

Entities that die while affected by the Dread Plague will leave a lingering cloud of the Dread Plague. Unless they were standing in a Purged biome, killed mobs will also come back to life as Dreadlands monsters. Humanoid mobs (such as players, Zombies or Anti-Skeletons) will come back as Dreadlings, Skeleton Goliaths will come back as Dreadguards, animals such as Pigs will come back in their respective demon form, Abyssalnite Golems will come back as Dreaded Abyssalnite Golems, and all other mobs come back as Dread Spawns.

Potions of Dread Plague can be brewed by adding a Dread Fragment to an Awkward Potion. This will apply Coralium Plague for 3 minutes and can either be lengthened to 8 minutes by adding Redstone, or turned into Dread Plague II for 21 seconds with Glowstone Dust.