Dream Weavers

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Dream Weavers

TypeTransparent block

Dream Weavers are a set of blocks from the Witchery mod. When placed near beds, these blocks can give an awaking player special effects. There are five dream weavers: nightmares, fleet foot, iron arm, fasting, and intensity.

A Dream Weaver of Nightmares can be used to corrupt these effects. Two of the corrupting dream weavers can be used to make for even worse effects. A Dream Weaver of Intensity does the opposite of the Dream Weaver of Nightmares, making the effects caused by other dream weavers more powerful. It does this by either increasing the duration, but weakening the effect, or vice versa.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Dream Weaver Effect Corrupt Effect

Dream Weaver of Nightmares
- Weakness

Dream Weaver of Fleet Foot
Speed Slowness and Weakness

Dream Weaver of Iron Arm
Haste Mining Fatigue and Weakness

Dream Weaver of Fasting
Saturation Hunger and Weakness

Dream Weaver of Intensity
Night Vision Blindness

Recipe[edit | edit source]