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Drying Rack

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Drying Rack

ModTinkers' Construct
TypeSolid block

The Drying Rack is a block added by Tinkers' Construct. It must be placed on the side of another block, like a shelf of sorts.

The Drying Rack is used to "dry" meats. Right-clicking the rack with an item in hand will put the item on the Drying Rack. Right-clicking the Drying Rack again will remove that item.

If meat is placed on a Drying Rack, after 6,000 ticks (300 seconds or 5 minutes), that meat will be "dried" to produce the jerky version of the meat. This is a way to bypass fuel requirements, and for Rotten Flesh and Raw Chicken a way to avoid negative effects.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Drying Rack Recipes[edit | edit source]

Input Output

Raw Beef

Beef Jerky

Raw Chicken

Chicken Jerky

Raw Porkchop

Bacon Jerky

Raw Fish

Fish Jerky

Rotten Flesh

Monster Jerky