Dump Mod Ores Command

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Dump Mod Ores Command

The Dump Mod Ores Command is a command added by OreDictDumper. When used, it will create a file in the player's Minecraft directory containing a dump of all OreDictionary entries within a mod. It can output in three formats: wiki, CSV, and JSON. The key differences between the wiki format and the CSV or JSON format is the existence of the item's metadata and the mod ID, rather than abbreviation. When using CSV or JSON, the mod abbreviation is mostly unnecessary, but still required, as it is still used for the file name.

Syntax[edit | edit source]

  • /dumpmodores ABBRV modid format

The ABBRV parameter in the command is what will be used in the dump file, and should correspond to an abbreviation in the mod list. The modid parameter in the command is the actual mod identification string. Format can be "wiki", "json", or "csv".

History[edit | edit source]

Version history
1.0.1FIX: Output the correct file name in chat on successful dumps (e.g., V.txt instead of minecraft.txt).
TWEAK: /oredictdump is now /dumpmodores, and it takes an optional argument, format, which can be wiki, json, or csv. That defaults to wiki.
1.1.1FIX: Dump Mod Ores command's wiki format properly uses the mod abbreviation rather than the mod ID (#2).
UPDATE: Update wiki format output for OreDict MediaWiki extension 3.0.0 (#5).
NEW: Internationalization (only English right now) (#7)
TWEAK: The format parameter for /dumpmodores is now required (PR #9)
FIX: Throw WrongUsageExceptions when the input of the commands is invalid. In layman's terms, when you don't provide valid arguments to the command, it will send usage information for the command. (#6)