Earth Spike

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Earth Spike


The Earth Spike is a Spell added by Roots. It is created with the base ingredient, a Blue Orchid, a Prismarine Shard, a Lapis Lazuli and a Vine. When cast, it will make a "Earth Spike", an uplift of Stone, Dirt, Grass, Sand or Gravel.

Earth Spike.png

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Runic Tablet entry[edit | edit source]

The blue orchid seems to be related to the earth and ground. Using the above recipe, you can create a spell that will create an earth spike on a nearby block that you look at. The spike will throw mobs into the air, but can also be used as a quick defensive wall or as a way to duplicate simple materials like dirt, stone, sand, or gravel.
Runic Tablet


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