Electrolytic Separator

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Electrolytic Separator

Blast resistance48
Liquid storage10,000 mB
TC6 Aspects


EU use10 EU/t
EU storage4,000 EU
MJ use0.0001 MJ/t
MJ storage0.04 MJ
RF use40 RF/t
RF storage16,000 RF
Tesla use40 T/t
Tesla storage16,000 T

The Electrolytic Separator is a block added by Mekanism. It is used to separate fluids into their component elements (see Usage).



The Electrolytic Separator (middle) decomposes water, delivered by an Electric Pump on the right, into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen is burned in a Gas-Burning Generator on the left.

The Electrolytic Separator is used to separate Heavy Water into Deuterium and Oxygen, Brine into Sodium and Chlorine, and Water into Hydrogen and Oxygen. The produces are needed by the Mekanism Ore-Processing system.

The starting material can be supplied via bucket (inside the GUI) or pipe system. The same applies to the removal of the products. It should be noted that the two sides (left and right seen from the front) are predefined for the products. Using the example of water, hydrogen is output on the left side and oxygen on the right side, exactly as it appears in the middle of the GUI.

If at least one of the internal product storage is full and no product is removed, the machine stops working. If only one product is needed, use the "dumping" options (see Slots)

Energy supply[edit]

The Electrolytic Separator requires energy which can be supplied by a generator, energy storage or cable, placed on the side with the socket. In addition to the machines from Mekanism, the generators, energy storages and cables of all supported power systems (IndustrialCraft 2, Thermal Dynamics, BuildCraft and Tesla) can be used to supply it. If no external energy supply is available, power can be supplied by portable energy storage cells, like the Basic Energy Cube or RE-Battery, which can be inserted in the energy slot in the GUI.


Picture 2: GUI of the Electrolytic Separator.

Right-clicking on the machine opens its GUI (shown in picture 2).


  • The filling level indicator on the right shows the internal storage of the starting material. The slot besides can be used to input additional starting material e.g. via Bucket or Basic Fluid Tank.
  • The two filling level indicators in the middles shows the internal storage of the electrolytic product. The slots below can be used to extract the product e.g. via Basic Gas Tank or Empty Cell.
  • The green slot and the vertical meter on the right side accepts charged portable power sources (such as a Basic Energy Cube) and displays the current energy in the machine respectively. Portable sources are only needed if there is no energy being supplied.
  • With the small buttons in the lower left and lower right corner the player can determine how the machine should handle the specific product. "Dumping" and "Dumping Excess" are helpful options if the player just only needs one of the two products.
    • Idle = the product is stored in the internal storage and the production stops if the internal storage is full
    • Dumping = the product is dumped
    • Dumping Excess = the internal storage is filled, and excess product is dumped (the machine does not stop when the storage is full)


  • The upper-right button opens the upgrade GUI. Upgrades can be added here, such as the Energy Upgrade to improve energy efficiency. Other possible upgrades are the Speed and MufflingUpgrades.
  • The middle-right button opens the GUI to configure the access rights for the machine.
  • The lower-right button changes the behavior to Redstone:
    • "High" = operates only if a signal is received
    • "Low" = operates only if no signal is received
    • "Disabled" = operates independently from redstone signals


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