Electrotine Power

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Electrotine Power
ModProject Red

Electrotine Power is an energy system added by Project Red to operate some machines in the mod. The energy can be produced with Solar Panels or the Electrotine Generator and can be stored in a Battery Box. Other fuels and generators do not currently exist.

The only cables available for power transmission are the Low Load Power Line and its framed counterpart. With the Multimeter the player can display the current energy in the Power Lines.

The energy system simulates the amperage (A), the voltage (V) and the power (W) variables in real life:

  • The voltage is automatically set up on the power network, depending on the producer. The Electrotine Generator produces 100 V and the Solar Panel produces 61 V.
  • The amperage is the current energy flow through the Power Lines. If all machines and generators in the power network have the same voltage (if the highest voltage was set up and no energy is consumed), than no energy flow is created. Once a machine consumes energy, the voltage drops in the machine and further electricity is supplied to the machine. The strength of the current flow indicates the amperage.
  • The equation of power can be calculated as follows: